Hello everybody!!

Today I will cook Italian pizza hot dog…. this is my special mix of pizza and hot dog  ( 2 of my favorite dishes)


  • look the ingredients and the preparation of my recipe PIZZA MARGHERITA ( I just post the pictures)

The only different of  preparation is you made the circles with the dough.

The circles to be the same wide of the hot dog.

Now ,after you have done the same steps of preparation  pizza, you put the tomato sauce.

After you put the mozzarella…

Now you can put in the middle the hot dog.

Now you fold in half and seal all with tomato sauce.

Put into the oven to 250 degrees Celsius for 10/12 minutes.

Put in a dish and serve in table.


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  1. Never heard of this. Looks delicious.

  2. Italian Pizza Hot Dog…can’t say I’ve ever heard of it…but not sure I’m totally opposed! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. tokyohamster says:

    Haha so creative! I have a friend who is crazy about hot dogs.. she would LOVE this!

  4. Thats a cool idea! I love this type of food whenever I am in a hurry and thats most of the time. 😉
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this idea, two great foods together. So yummy.

  6. Dara says:

    How cute! I love hot dogs so much. Wrapping it in pizza is inspired.

  7. albertocook says:

    I wanted to join together two of my favorite dishes

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