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FRICO WITH POTATOES ONIONS AND CHEESE ( frico con patate e cipolla)

You are ready for a new dish!?! Today we cooking frico…… frico? what is frico? Frico is a mix of potatoes onions and Montasio cheese. Is a dish typical of my region the Friuli Venezia Giulia ( north-east of Italy) ingredients … Continue reading

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RISOTTO (RICE) WITH COURGETTES risotto con zucchine

Hi guys!!! You are ready for a new dish!?! Today we cooking rice….. with courgettes ingredients for 4 people: 4 cup of 10 ml full of rice 1 onion 2 big courgettes grana padano 500 ml of broth of vegetable … Continue reading

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PASTA MUSHROOMS AND(POURING) CREAM (pasta funghi e panna da cucina)

ingredients for 4 people: 400 grams of pasta a small onion mushroom ( the kind that you preferred, i used button mushrooms) salt and pepper extra virgin olive oil 200 ml pouring cream Preparation: You make to boil some water in a … Continue reading

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CHIKEN BREASTS TO THE LEMON (petti di pollo al limone)

Hi guys!!! You are ready for a new dish!?! Today we cooking chiken…. ingredients for 4 people: 600 gram of chicken breasts 2 lemons 50 grams of flour 3 spoons of extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper rosemary Preparation: … Continue reading

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  This dough is for the home-built pizza not for that cooked in wood burning oven. ingredients for cica 4 pizzas: 800 grams of flour (better the manitoba) 400 milliliters of water 32 grams of yeast (preferred) or an average sachet and … Continue reading

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ingredients for the sauce: 50 grams carrots 1 onion 50 grams stems of celery 250 grams meat of steer (ground) 250 grams meat of pig (ground) 700 pious grams tomato sauce  salt ( to like) pepper ( to like) half glass … Continue reading

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About me

Hi to everybody! My name is Alberto and alive in the east north of Italy. I have two passions the trips and to cook. In my trips I have met restaurants that sold off for Italian dishes that in Italy … Continue reading

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