Barb Kiebel author of the amazing blog Creative Culinary who I am sure you know of, has taken the bull by the horns and is calling all food bloggers to unite to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Barb lives in Denver and I am sure has been watching the news unfold, the scenes are heart wrenching. I live in Brooklyn, NY and made it through the storm with only minimal damage in my neighborhood, we were lucky, others were not. The scenes of devastation will tear your heart out, at least they do mine. Some lost their lives, those lucky enough to make it through the storm are homeless and their precious possessions gone.

Click on the link above (creative culinary) to see how you can join in and help. Disaster relief, FEMA, Red Cross, Salvation Army and many others are on the scene working round the clock to…

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  1. This was such a great cause 😀
    Us bloggers have to stick together!


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