ingredients for the sauce:

  • 50 grams carrots
  • 1 onion
  • 50 grams stems of celery
  • 250 grams meat of steer (ground)
  • 250 grams meat of pig (ground)
  • 700 pious grams tomato sauce
  •  salt ( to like)
  • pepper ( to like)
  • half glass of red wine
  • olive oil


You shave the carrot, the onion and the celery,mince you them and do you them brown (soffriggere ) in a frying pan with some oil of olive.

You now add the meat and the wine you allow to brown up to cooking of the meat (around 10-15 minutes) mixing more times.

You now add the sauce, after a little you add salt and pepper (to your pleasure).
You allow to cook with a fire slow cover for about 4.

THE SECRET: To add a teaspoon of sugar to oppose the acidity of the tomato.

Now you have a real ragù bolognese, let’s to with the pasta.

Fairies to boil of the water in a pot, salted and then dip the spaghettis.
To cook for the minutes that are advised on the confection.

To drain and to flavor with the gravy that you have prepared before.

Simple, good, eaten!Image

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  1. Jane says:

    Is it true that in Italy there is a style of ragu for every region and that the recipe varies depending on what is the local style – for example, some regions add mushrooms, some regions add pancetta?

  2. albertocook says:

    It is true the recipe may vary from region to region, it can change the type of meat or spices.
    This is the official recipe of Italian meat sauce and is the area of Bologna

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